FS Nutrient Management

FS, backed by its regional supplier GROWMARK, Inc. is known for helping you be prepared for what’s next. And nutrient management is one of those rising issues that you should be ready for now. With so many opportunities to improve nutrient use on your farm, you need a partner who has the agronomic expertise to help you put together the roadmap for nutrient management success.​

FS leads the way in creating nutrient management best practices tracking tools like N·Watch™ and full growing season support. Our nutrient management principle is simple, yet effective​:

Maximize nutrient utilization to optimize harvest yield and minimize environmental impact.​

Trust the partner who has, and will be, with you every step of the way. Your local FS nutrient management experts can help you develop a customized nutrient management plan that protects your land for long-term sustainability and maximizes your farm's profitability.

Because you shouldn't have to worry about what's next. You just need to know that FS is the right partner to get you there.